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Hair Care Guide


    • Sew in the wefts by looping and tying the weave thread under and over the thread in a blanket stitch method. Do not put a needle through the weft or pierce the weft - if you have to cut the wefts, seal each cut weft with an acrylic sealer.

    • Once natural hair is cut from a donor’s head, it stops receiving much-needed nutriments that nourish and keeps the hair soft, shiny & tangle-free. It’s therefore important to maintain and treat your hair extensions with the appropriate maintenance products that will restore/maintain its natural softness, silk and keep it tangle-free.
    • Proper maintenance care using the appropriate product range will ensure that your hair extensions keep its shine and lasts for a long time. We recommend you use mild shampoos & conditioners; preferably sulfate-free and silicon free hair care products. Sulfate strips hair of natural oils, as there is no direct supply of nutrients from your scalp into the extension strands, its vital that you use a no sulfate shampoo to avoid drying the hair out. 
    • Wash your hair gently in a downward motion with your palms, do not scrub or bunch the hair together as this will cause open cuticles to rub against each other causing friction. 
    • Whilst wet, add 2-3 drops of natural oil such as Almond or Coconut by gently applying it evenly over the hair, these oils will penetrate the cuticles and add moisture to your hair extensions.Natural oils do the work of most conditioners without the added chemicals and silicone, natural is always best.
    • Let your hair air-dry at home, take 2-3 hours to wash and naturally dry your hair - Avoid the use of excess heat as this will swell and dry your strands. Do not brush wet hair as that is when hair follicles are at their most vulnerable.  
    • Finger detangling is highly recommended but you can also detangle your hair using a detangling comb / brush. Gently brush your hair from the ends towards your scalp - starting from the ends as this keeps the pressure off the weft area and is a good way to maintain the longevity of the extensions.


It is advisable to brush / comb your hair before going to bed - rolling your hair in rods at night or putting it in single plaits/ twists and wrapping it with a satin scarf and bonnet will help keep your curls and limit the amount of heat you have to use on your hair daily. 

It is also advisable to brush / comb your hair before washing to ensure there are no natural occurring tangles caused by wind or friction. 
    • Apply a small amount of Almond or Coconut oil 2-3 times a week or when required. Argan oil is a great finishing oil for styling and frizz, however it’s a dry oil and does not moisturize the hair as well as Almond or Coconut.
    • For long lasting hair extensions, moisturize your hair as you do your skin - but be careful not to apply too many styling products in your hair as that may cause buildup.


    • The braided wigs are tightly braided so they can be washed and conditioned as and when required. We recommend the Lather- Rinse method for washing.  We recommend moisturizing the ends with coconut oil as and when needed.
    • Fill a bowl with warm water, pour your desired shampoo, turn wig inside out and immerse. Gently swirl and let soak for 5 mins. Rinse the wig gently in cold water until all shampoo is removed.
    • Pat the wig dry and apply a generous amount of moisturizing conditioner especially at the ends- Rinse carefully.
    • Once dry, apply some coconut oil for hydration and added moisture.